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The Nicole Frank Story

Nicole Frank began her journey into the world of fashion at a young age. She was raised in California by a family of strong, smart women with superb style and careers in film, modeling, and fashion. With a desire to create her own business in fashion, Nicole went on to the University of Southern California where she graduated from the esteemed entrepreneur program.

In her first business venture, she began manufacturing handbags for women and children. She drew inspiration from the females in her family whose style was rooted in the 1960’s and 70’s. Nicole was enamored by the chic, effortless ensembles and elegant aesthetic of the era. In 2015, after years of working in the industry and becoming a mother, Nicole realized that there was a need for the busy, hardworking woman to find a smarter and more sophisticated way of dressing.

Like many modern women, her daily uniform consisted of yoga pants, shirts, and tailored blazers as these pieces supported her active lifestyle. She was inspired to create and evolve a woman’s wardrobe with an active-wear collection that would meet the visual, technical, and physical demands of modern day society, and thus, the Nicole Frank collection was born.

Wardrobe Designer Nicole Frank
The Wardrobe Evolution represents the constant progression of women’s roles in society and the fashion that evolves with it. - Nicole Frank

Our Look Is Unique, Just Like You!

All Seasons, All Styles

Model Wearing Ruth Shirt and Pants
Models Wearing Jacket and Jumpsuit
White Top and Skirt

High Performance High Quality Fabrics

High Quality Fabrics from Switzerland

Sourced from Switzerland, our high-performance fabric defines technical glam- developed with properties created to keep up with your busy lifestyle. Wash and wear, our clothes require no dry cleaning and the stain repellent and odor control properties make them convenient for extended wear. Designed and created in the USA by women for women. The fit, quality, and fashion are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of the busy modern woman

Our Unique Interchangeable Wardrobe Process

Transition from day to night with interchangeable luxury Zip-Ons. Endless opportunities to express your unique style from the ballet studio to the boardroom.

Interchangeable collars, sleeves, and hems extend your look from day into night. Great for travel!

Scientifically Engineered for Comfort and Style

Card Back Card Front


Card Back Card Front

4 Way Stretch

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Card Back Card Front

Quick Dry

Card Back Card Front


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Odor Control

Card Back Card Front

Stain Repellant

Card Back Card Front

Moisture Wicking