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Nicole Frank

The Wardrobe Evolution

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Nicole Frank The Wardrobe Evolution




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I created The Wardrobe Evolution for busy modern women as a solution to our constant progression of roles in society. Staying true to the creation of the brand, I want to evolve with you as your lives, needs, and fashion cravings change. I want to know why you love TWE, or what your wardrobe is needing now. Tell me your TWE travel stories. Share photos of your day to night TWE transformations. Your feedback is what drives the increased function of my clothing line.  
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"With social media, when I wear an outfit and it's photographed I cant wear it again for a few months. So this concept of pieces that transform with the zip-ons is so strong!!" -Pascale, Architect

"I can travel with it. It never wrinkles. I can wear it anywhere, in the afternoon or evening. I dress it up or down." - Joanne, Lawyer

"Every time I wear TWE, I receive rave reviews! I would like to buy everything!!" - Cynthia, Yoga Instructor

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